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When you invest in a fixed deposit, your money earns interest according to the prevailing FD interest rate. The interest keeps compounding over time and helps you grow your savings.

Want to know more about FD?

Fixed deposit is a financial investment instrument offered by banks & NBFCs wherein investors can deposit money and get a high rate of interest than a normal savings account.


Interest rates on FDs are fixed when you open the deposit and the rate depends on the term that you wish to hold it for. Visit the HDFC Bank website to view the latest FD interest rates.

Secure investment

A Fixed Deposit offers guaranteed returns. Unlike market-led investments where returns fluctuate over time, the returns on an FD are fixed when you open the account. Even if interest rates fall after you open a Fixed Deposit, you will continue to receive the interest decided at the start. FDs are considered much safer than investments in other assets like equity.

Return on investment

Your return on an FD will depend on the interest rate and the type of deposit you choose. You can opt for a monthly or quarterly pay-out of interest or the reinvestment option, which will give you the benefit of compounding. Check the HDFC Bank FD Calculator to calculate your return on investment.

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