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Mutual funds
Unleashing the potential of Small Cap Funds

Industry Expert:- Ms Shaily Gang (Head – Products & Alternates, Tata Asset Management)

1. Introduction to Small Cap Funds 2. Benefits vs Risks of investing in Small Cap Funds 3. Modes of Mutual Fund Investments – SIP vs One-Time

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Mutual funds

Decoding Hybrid Mutual Funds

1. Importance of Asset Allocation in an Investor’s Portfolio 2. Balanced Advantage Fund vs Balanced Hybrid Fund 3. Risk Adjusted Returns vs Normal Returns 4. Details on upcoming NFO - 360 ONE Balanced Hybrid Fund
Industry Expert:- Mr Anunaya Kumar (President, Head – Sales & Distribution, 360 ONE Asset)
Mutual funds

Sailing through the Macros

In this webinar, we’ll discuss about Macro-economic view of the market & its trends Understanding key drivers of financial markets Impact of Budget 2023
Industry Expert:- Ms. Usha Nair (Sr. Vice President & Head – Distribution, DSP MF)
Mutual funds

Millenials & Financial Independence

In this video, we aim to make the concept of investments, simpler. The webinar gives keen insights on: 1. Goal based approach for an effective personal finance management 2. Mutual fund investments vs Direct stock market investments 3. Highlights about Aditya Birla Multi Index fund NFO
Industry Expert:- Mr. Joseph Ollukaren (Head - Equity Products, Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC)
Mutual funds

All about ELSS funds!

ELSS or Equity Linked Savings Scheme are mutual fund schemes that help you save on income tax. In this webinar, we’ll discuss on, - What are ELSS Funds & their characteristics - How to Avail Tax Benefits using ELSS funds - ELSS vs FD & Advantages of ELSS funds
Industry Expert:- Ms. Shivani Kunwar (Product Development, Tata Mutual Fund)
Mutual funds

Understanding scope & opportunities of Mid Cap Funds

This session would give you key insights on: 1. What is the scope of Mid Cap Funds? 2. Who should invest in Mid Cap Funds? 3. Introduction to Canara Robeco Mid Cap Fund NFO
Industry Expert:- Mr. Chirag Mehta (Head - Digital Business, Canara Robeco AMC)
Mutual funds

How to save taxes through ELSS funds

Want to invest and save taxes at the same time? ELSS funds are your solution. In this video we help you understand what are ELSS funds, their characteristics, risks associated with them & how theyhelp you save taxes under section 80C.
Industry Expert:- Mr. Tejas Gutka (Fund Manager - Tata Indi Tax Saving Fund, Tata Mutual Fund)
Mutual funds

Know how to build a winning Mutual Fund portfolio in 2020

A well balanced Mutual Fund portfolio goes a long way in creating long term wealth for you. In this video, we discuss on how to create a portfolio that suits best for you, how SIPs help you diversify your risk & importance of disciplined investing in long run.
Industry Expert:- Mr. Rahul Singh (CIO - Equity, Tata AMC)
Mutual funds

Achieving financial freedom through SIPs

To live a financially secured future, start investing, the right way. In this video, we discuss about how SIPs allow you to invest strategically focusing on your financial goals & how disciplined investing is the key to grow your wealth over time.
Industry Expert:- Mr. (Sr. Manager - Products, Canara Robeco Mutual Fund) Niraj Chandra
Mutual funds

Demystifying the Housing sector in India

Understand what's happening in the Indian fund market, highlights of the upcoming NFO by Tata Mutual Fund house and its benfits to the investors.
Industry Expert:- Ms. Shaily Gang (Head - Products & Alternated, TATA AMC)
Mutual funds

Know Art & Science of Investing

Unlock the answer to creating wealth through investments and how a structured plan for your money is the best way to grow it eventually.
Industry Expert:- Mr. Prateek Pant (CBO - White Oak Capital AMC)
Mutual funds

Investing lessons for millennials

The earlier you start investing, better is your future. This session will help you understand how to match your investments with your life goals, where and how much to invest depending on your risk profile & how to have a healthy financial life with disciplined investing from an early age.
Industry Expert:- Mr. C G Vidyadhar (AVP - Business Excellence, Tata AMC)
Mutual funds

Achieving financial goals through Mutual funds - Nirbhay Morzaria

Know why should one opt for investing in Mutual Funds & how they help you grow your money, the basics of mutual fund investing, through this interactive session.
Industry Expert:- Mr. Nirbhay Morzaria (Sr. Product Manager, Axis Mutual Fund)
Mutual funds

Tata Nifty India Digital fund NFO

Digital Space is a very lucrative option for investors nowadays. This video will help you understand the existing digital transformation in the industry, different platforms that are competing in the digital space & how Tata Nifty India Digital fund can help you tap this space better.
Industry Expert:- Ms. Shaily Gang (Head - Products & Alternated, TATA AMC)
Mutual funds

How to invest in equities through smallcases

This video will help you deconstruct what exactly are smallcases & how are they created? Why should one consider investing through smallcases & how can you do so with Moneyfy.
Industry Expert:- Ms. Pavana K R (Senior Marketing Manager, Smallcase)
Mutual funds

Dissecting Hybrid Funds

Understand what are hybrid/ balanced funds are why are these the best type of funds for a first time investor. We also discuss the various opportunities for investing in these funds and how they help in creating long term wealth.
Industry Expert:- Mr. V Srivatsa (Executive Vice President& Fund Manager, UTI AMC Ltd.)
Mutual funds

Tax Optimization and Planning

This video discusses about the basics of tax planning, types of tax savings products in the market and how it helps you to have a balanced financial plan.
Industry Expert:- Ms. Madhuri Marne (Founder & Director, Taxblock India Pvt Ltd.)
Mutual funds

Know the importance of asset allocation in investor's portfolio

This video will help you understand why it is important to invest in various asset classes, how it helps to balace your risk appetite and in turn gives you better returns in the long run.
Industry Expert:- Mr. Niranjan Avasthi (Head - Products & Marketing, Edelweiss AMC)
Mutual funds

Sunheri Diwali with Gold Mutual Funds

A Gold Fund is a mutual fund or ETF that invests predominantly in gold bullion or gold-producing companies. In this webinar, we'll discuss on: 1. How Gold Mutual Fund enhances your portfolio 2. What is the purpose of these funds? 3. Major advantages of investing in Gold Mutual funds
Industry Expert:- Mr. Niranjan Avasthi (Head - Products, Edelweiss AMC)