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Smart Ways to Set Financial Goals This New Year!

Smart Ways to Set Financial Goals This New Year!

With December ending soon, most people are already making plans for the New Year. After all, a fresh start is always more exciting and filled with endless possibilities. And if you have already started making New Year resolutions, don’t forget about setting some financial goals for yourself!

Since the pandemic threw most of us off track in terms of finances, setting financial resolutions for 2022 is all the more necessary.

Why should you set financial goals?

Here’s a fact. No matter how much money you earn and save, without any financial goals, you will be directionless. That’s because financial goals help you see the bigger picture and provide you with a roadmap to get from point A to point B.

Simply put, they help you take charge of your hard-earned money, so you don't go on spending it randomly. You're also more likely to not make any arbitrary decisions and purchases.

However, if you are confused and struggling to set practical financial goals for yourself, we can help. Here are a few simple yet effective ways for setting financial goals for the next year!

5 Smart Ways of setting financial goals for the New Year

#1 Assess your current situation

Before setting any financial goals, you must recognise where you currently stand. You can do this by looking at your savings, investments in mutual funds and stocks, and debts. Assessing your financial status will enable you to set realistic short-term and long-term goals.

#2 Set a realistic budget

This is a no brainer. You must set a budget for yourself that helps you fulfil all your duties, even a little splurge a little. Have a close look at what’s coming in and what’s going out to manage your finances better.

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#3 Focus on paying off debts

As you know, debt is a factor that can prevent you from fulfilling your financial objectives. It's best to settle your debts as soon as possible if you want to boost your investments for the future. So, commit to paying off any credit card bills or outstanding loans from the first day itself!

#4 Plan ahead

While your retirement may be far, you must start planning for it today. Start by calculating how much money you need to have a comfortable life after retirement. Knowing this amount will help you save efficiently and put things in perspective.

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#5 Stay organised

This is perhaps the most crucial tip as you cannot set or achieve any financial goal without being organised. Without a proper plan in place, all your efforts will prove futile. So, before anything, come up with a plan that you can follow and stay on track while working towards your goals. If need be, you can also use apps and tools to organise yourself while managing your finances.

The takeaway

The beginning of a year is equivalent to a blank canvas. By setting realistic financial goals, you can take control and paint it the way you want. But if you're holding on to that business idea or that foreign trip, Tata Capital’s Moneyfy app has a broad range of loan offerings to help you out.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these tips and get ready to have an extremely productive and financially rewarding year ahead!

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