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What Are IHO Health Plans?

What Are IHO Health Plans?

A typical health insurance plan covers your hospitalisation bills and other expenses related to it. However, many health plans do not cover costs associated with preventive, regular, or over-the-counter medical expenses. IHO health plan or Indian Health Organisation Health Plan aims to bridge this gap by offering the expertise of an extensive network for outpatient medical professionals at subsidised rates.

IHO health plan: A summary

IHO Health plan covers a variety of services that are essential for quality health care. An IHO health plan cardholder will avail discounts on expenses and services such as over-the-counter medicines, health check-ups, consultations, and treatments. Once you have received the membership, you will have access to a network of 16500 medical centres spread across 38 cities.

One of the lucrative features of this health plan is that it does not exclude any pre-existing illness. This means the health plan’s cost would remain the same even if you have any pre-existing medical condition. Once you have received the card, you can begin to take advantage of the health plan’s subsidised rates.

Several organisations offer the IHO health plan membership. You can have a one-year or two-year health plan for an individual, a couple, or even one covering a family of four.

Features of IHO health plans

On the Moneyfy app, you can choose from two comprehensive IHO packages – one for Rs. 2500/year and other for Rs. 5500/year. And enjoy a variety of value-added services such as:

  • Discounts and unlimited access to partner networks for consultations, medicines, health check-ups, and minor treatments, helping you to save up to 20% on your family's health expenses.
  • A free 90-days diet management program, where trained dieticians provide customised diet plans based on your fitness goals.
  • Pharmacy benefits with vouchers worth Rs. 500 each for purchasing free medicines from any Apollo pharmacy.
  • Unlimited teleconsultation services for up to four family members. Receive medical guidance from doctors trained as per Swiss quality standards via video or phone on any illness treatment or chronic disease management.

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Who would benefit from IHO health plans?

Senior citizens can be significantly benefitted from the IHO health plan. It is well known that health insurance for senior citizens is hard to come by. They are either not eligible or have to pay higher premiums for their insurance cover. IHO Health plan will cover their routine medical expenses.

You can get comprehensive health check-up vouchers for over 61 vital blood tests each, including vital tests like thyroid function, iron deficiency, pancreas profile, and more.

Moreover, if your neighbourhood pharmacist or routine medical professional is part of the IHO network, an IHO card would be a cost-effective purchase.

Parting thoughts

IHO health plans offer discounts on many services that are usually not covered in a health insurance plan. These services include dental consultations, diagnostics, non-prescription medicines, free teleconsultations, and much more. It is easily one of the most inexpensive yet comprehensive health care solutions.

Get a fantastic health plan with Tata Capital Moneyfy

Tata Capital’s Moneyfy app offers a host of services from insurance, loans to investment options. If you are looking for a health insurance plan for you and your family, Moneyfy is the right app for you. With an easy registration process and a quick KYC, you can begin using this app to seek a health coverage plan that will suit your needs. Download the app for more details.

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