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How to Invest in NFO?

How to Invest in NFO?

The rising number of Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in the mutual fund market is a testimony to the growing popularity of MFs. One needs only to browse through AMC websites to see the plethora of fund options available. However, have you ever wondered how these funds come into existence? Through a New Fund Offering (NFO).

But, what exactly are NFO mutual funds, and how do they work? Let’s find out.

What is an NFO?

When an Asset Management Company (AMC) launches a new mutual fund in the market, it can raise capital for the same by making an announcement for a New Fund Offering among investors.

Similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO), and NFO also includes portfolio details such as company shares to be purchased, fund manager details, and types of securities to be procured, among others.

Understanding the New Fund Offering

As per SEBI guidelines, an NFO can remain active in the market for a maximum of 30 days. Each unit of the fund will be offered at the subscription price during this time.

After the limited period is over and the NFO closes, the funds will be traded like any other mutual fund in the market – at their Net Asset Value (NAV). Since NFO fund units are available at nominal costs, investors can realise immense capital gains once the funds start trading in the open market.

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Things to consider before investing in NFOs

The AMC’s reputation

It is essential to research the history of the AMC launching the NFO as the future performance of the fund depends upon it. A company with a good reputation can be trusted to offer good and consistent returns.

Nature of securities

NFO fundscome with a mandate listing; details regarding the securities to be procured are given. It is vital to go through such documents as the nature of the securities will determine the risk involved and expected returns.

For example, risk-averse investors can steer clear of equity funds and choose NFOs that primarily invest in debt funds or funds of blue-chip companies.

How to Invest in NFO

1. Through a broker

One of the most basic methods to invest in NFO is to consult an authorised broker. The broker will assist you in completing all formalities and give you details about the fund's future performance.

2. Through an online trading account

If you’re already an investor, you must have an online trading account. The same can be used to invest in New Fund Offerings. The online trading account will also help you track the NAV of the investments.

3. Through the Moneyfy app

Another highly flexible option for comparing NFO offerings and investing in the best-suited ones is Tata Capital's Moneyfy app. You can take your time, browse through different NFO offerings and make an informed decision from the comfort of your home.

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Over to you

Investing in NFOs offers several benefits like high flexibility, lock-in support, etc. So, have you explored the most lucrative NFO mutual fund options available? Do so now using Tata Capital’s Moneyfy app! Explore a world of mutual fund schemes and start making smart investments today.

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